Saturday, January 24, 2004

Cost of Birth Control

I'm pretty sure I've found the winning campaign issue for the upcoming presidential election. Here are the key points of the study I was reading at the time I had the idea.

Over 5 years, the most cost-effective methods of birth control were:

--the copper-T IUD (intrauterine device): saving $14,122

--vasectomy (sterilization for men): saving $13,899

--Norplant (LNG implant): saving $13,813 (no longer available in the U.S.)

--Depo-Provera (injection/shot): saving $13,373

Barrier methods, spermicides, withdrawal, and periodic abstinence were the least cost-effective, but still saved from $8933 to $12,239.

Birth control pills fell between these groups, saving $12,879.

Study conclusion: Using birth control reduces health care expenditures by preventing unintended pregnancies.

My winning campaign issue idea: Just stop having sex altogether and you SAVE A LOT!



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