Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison Resigns

Amid admissions of an extramarital affair, accusations of sexual harassment and professional misconduct, and counter accusations of false claims, Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison resigns.

Morrison acknowledged an extramarital affair with a former employee, Linda Carter. Carter has accused Morrison of sexual harassment, and of professional misconduct aimed at his predecessor Phill "Patient Chart Thief" Kline, the current Johnson County DA:

Linda Carter, former director of administration for the Johnson County district attorney's office, has said she and Morrison had a two-year affair starting in September 2005 — meaning it continued while Morrison ran for attorney general last year and after he took office.

Carter, who like Morrison is married, filed a civil rights claim against Morrison last month with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Morrison was the Johnson County DA when the affair began, and Carter claims she initially resisted her boss's advances. She also accuses Morrison of attempting to influence a federal lawsuit involving Phill Kline, whom Morrison ousted from the attorney general's office in last year's election.


Morrison switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat last year to challenge Kline, a GOP conservative. Johnson County Republicans picked the defeated Kline to take over Morrison's old job.

Carter accuses Morrison of trying to pressure her to write letters on behalf of eight former employees who were dismissed by Kline. In August, a federal magistrate dismissed all but one count in a wrongful termination lawsuit they filed.

Carter also claims Morrison sought sensitive information about Kline's activities as district attorney.

According to a statement released by Paul Morrison (via):

"Many of the claims made by Linda Carter to the Topeka Capital-Journal are patently false.

"Any allegations of discrimination or harassment are blatantly and patently false. These false claims are especially perplexing given that Mrs. Carter repeatedly sought employment in the Attorney General's office after I was sworn in.


"Mrs. Carter's false allegations are being leveled more than eleven months after my employment at the Johnson County District Attorney's Office ended.

"Any allegation that I used the relationship to influence litigation is absolutely false. The only people attempting to use this painful and personal information for their own benefit are Mrs. Carter and her boss, Phill Kline.

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