Sunday, February 15, 2009

NYC Jewish Street Patrol Decides If Crime Worthy of Police Attention

The Christian Science Monitor has an article on Jewish volunteer civilian patrols (Shmira, Shomrim) who police Brooklyn enclaves densely populated by religious Jews:

Shomrim is not your typical neighborhood watch. For starters, the groups have a 24-hour hot line and dispatcher, their own marked vehicles, and a track record for dealing with everything from assault and battery to domestic violence.

The reporter wonders if these patrols truly serve the public interest. An odd thing to ponder since the people involved with these patrols make it quite clear whose interests they represent:

Community leaders also worry about the police getting involved and locking up someone who might not deserve it. When it comes to Jew-on-Jew crime, Crown Heights Shomrim will always consult a rabbi before involving the police.

What public interest? As long as the Sky Fairy is in charge, all's well with the world.

In all fairness, I should disclose my bias. You see, where I live there's hardly any crime, what with the Muslim Neighborhood Brotherhood volunteers policing the area during the week, and the Communist People's Sector patrol on weekend duty. Between the Koran and Mao's little red book you can hardly take a breath without the act being deemed a crime and the police called in to investigate.


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