Thursday, February 26, 2009

Open Letter to Rep. Chuck Damschen

Dear Rep. Chuck Damschen,

I am contacting you to voice my support for your response to Jesus’ General letter. I am in complete agreement with your admonition to first grasp understanding of how and when life begins and how and when it ends before having a say in such matters.

So, since you get to legislate these matters, when *you* get a chance, study up on the facts of life and:

1. Define life.

2. Explain complete moles.

3. Justify why the only product of conception doing all the, you know, person stuff (breathing, circulating, excreting) in utero has not been granted full civil-rights. (Discriminate much against placental-Americans?)

In closing, on behalf of any organism with the genome of homo sapiens of North Dakota, as well as any and all egg-, sperm-, mole-, and placenta-Americans, I salute you!

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