Wednesday, June 24, 2009

World Exclusive: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Interviews Boulder Abortion!

If you've ever wondered what an abortion has to say about, well, abortion the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has the exclusive for you.

Abortion thinks that "This is not about abortion,"..."This is about power." As to the abortion "debate", it says it's not a debate at all, but rather "This is a civil war,"..."These people are using bullets and bombs. That is not a debate."

This gem of a Freudian slip would be amusing if it weren't for:

- The recent assassination of Dr. Tiller.

- The need for bulletproof glass at a medical clinic.

- 24 hours a day federal marshals protection just so Ob/Gyns can properly care for their patients.

- Clinic signs instructing patients that "For your safety, do not open this door for anyone who has not accompanied you."

Also, note to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: If, according to Dr. Hern, he's performed 17,000 procedures over ~34 years, that means we're talking about ~12 procedures/wk (10 @ 15-26 wks, and 2 @ >26 wks).

Incidentally, according to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment*, in 2007 there were 11,336 reported induced terminations, with 7,687 (68.1%) @ 8wks or less; 1,683 (14.9%) @ 9-10 wks; 840 (7.4%) @ 11-12 wks; 666 (5.9%) @ 13-15 wks; 312 (2.8%) @ 16-20 wks; 98 (0.9%) @ 21+ wks; and 350 (3.1%) EGA not stated.

*from the Director, Vital Statistics Unit, Health Statistics Section, CHEIS-HS-A1 Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (personal communication 6/5/09)

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